The Covid-19 pandemic is not easing up and situation is not looking good. However business must go on and we need to be agile and forward thinking, to move ahead of the situation to ensure our company /  organization continuity and sustainability.  With this new normal  many of us and our colleagues are working from home, or alternating between office and home or even on a new hybrid working model, Staff engagement and morale is at an all time low.  Many teams are encountering issues with collaboration, generating creativity and team working with a diverse group of team members.

We at Active Bugs are here to partner you to ensure that your human assets are constantly engaged, morale and motivation are kept high, to re-skill and re-learn so that both individual and team performance and productivity are boosted to the optimum.

We have numerous virtual training, coaching, facilitation and team engagement programs. From Leadership, Effective Communications, Time Management, Stress and EQ management, Team Engagement & Collaboration, Cultural Change, and many more. Some of our popular and exciting programs include virtual Treasure Hunt, Multiple theme Escape Rooms, Mystery Murder, and more.

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