SYNOPSIS: In its 5th successful year, Viva Vertical has been spearheading the momentum and progression of pole dancing as a form of fitness and sport. Empowering the community with its own leagues and championships that discover and create international Pole Stars leading to the Malaysia Pole Championship, Viva Vertical’s founder Vivian Lea aka Viva Vee shares why this unique form of dance sport continues to capture so much attention and hearts.

“Pole dancing classes have been becoming popular all over the world for the past decade. This unique type of dancing that was once only seen in clubs had been reinvented in Malaysia by my company: Viva Vertical, into a modern way for Malaysian men and women to drop pounds, tone muscles and express themselves through dance.

Majority of Malaysia’s recreational pole dancers are highly educated professional men and women, who find it as an effective strategy to reduce their stress levels. This theory is supported by Debbie Mandel, author of “Addicted to Stress.”
“Pole dancing is a form of uninhibited self-expression which releases suppressed emotions the way belly dancing has done for over 5,000 years,” she says.

“When you get good at pole dancing, you feel accomplished and more empowered. And when there is novelty with exercise, the positive effect is even more powerful for the mind and body.”

People are surprised that the support for pole dancing as an alternative dance and fitness choice is so overwhelming in Malaysia. The Pole Stars Semi Finals were held in Desire Club at Manor, Asian Heritage Row on 29th May 2011, and was a success with the support of pole dance enthusiasts and fans of the semi finalists in Exotic, Fit and Ultimate Pole categories.

The judging criteria this year were aligned to international guidelines which recommended finalists be chosen based on achieving minimum point criterions rather than through rank elimination, therefore finalists were announced as ‘qualifiers’ rather than winner or runner up.

Finalist qualifiers are:

Exotic Pole: Amy Lim Mei Wei, Amy Tan Hui Ling, Jenny Tan, Nurul Maria Jamaludin

Fit Pole: Yong Ye Yee, Evon Khoon, Ng Bee Nee

Ultimate Pole: Angel Chee, Goh Ket Ling, Adam Tan, Lim Xiu Yen, Lim Tze Hong

Finalists will be showcasing their best at the Malaysia Pole Championship on the 12 June 2011, 5pm at Black Box Theatre, MAP @ Publika, Jalan Dutamas. Tickets for the finals can be pre purchased on www.mypolestars.com at RM50 before 11 June 2011.

We hope that the Malaysian community will be able to continue to support the contestants in achieving their dreams of representing Malaysia in future championships and at the same time experience a breath taking show filled with acrobatic pole dance, music and art house performances.

Written by: Vivian Lea
Viva Vertical