Sun Life Actuarial & Risk Management Engagement Session.

It was a day without any electronic devices (other than taking photos and selfies of course) for Sun Life actuarial and risk management team. Chatting, engaging while hiking into the rain forest and totally soaking in (pun intended) nature’s best shower, a beautiful and refreshing waterfalls. A great time for everyone to Zen, discard all negative energy and take in the Positiveness each team member gives out while they are having fun.

Sun Life Malaysia Sales Kick Off 2017





Sun Life Malaysia, which specializes in Insurance and Takaful, under its talented leaders managed against all odds to achieved a spectacular result for the group in 2016. A time when most similar industry players are fighting a tough economy, Sun life proves that with a strong team that is aligned to its core values, they made the impossible to I-M-POSSIBLE.

We at active bugs are proud to be associated with you and wishes you an exciting journey ahead for 2017 with “316” becoming a reality.



Sun Life Malaysia

Sun Life




Sun Life Malaysia, a fully owned Khazanah Nasional Berhad investment holding company, specialising in Insurance and Takaful, held a Team Building cum appreciation day off for their Business Development and distribution team in a tranquil resort in Raub where they were put into various physical and fear factor challenges. We are proud of the team members who discovered something new about themselves and are preparing for the new challenges they will face in 2016.