Maybank Islamic Employee Engagement

A fabulous team that works hard to bring Maybank Islamic to be the top not only in Asia but in the world. A fitting theme for 2018, “Break Out, Work Out & Win Together” where all MIB team members got together for a fun yet challenging engagement program from us. Partnering you to remain at the top!!

Maybank SME Managers Team Building.

When you are complacent or over confident, then realization hits you that you should not only be the “village champion” but “champion of the world”.

Stepping out of your comfort zone and moving forward takes commitment, hard work, perseverance and humility. Qualities that many of these Maybankers have but were enhanced by the “tools” provided by us, through which they will need in order to achieve the group’s Vision.

Maybank Perak group engagement

Instead of the annual Perak State Maybank group dinner, we were tasked to come up with an Employee Engagement program based on the theme “Future ready” for all 1,200 strong Maybankers from the entire State of Perak. A humongous assignment that the family of Active Bugs took on with success and consequently set a new record for us.

Thank you Maybank Perak for giving us this opportunity to conduct the fabulous program for your human capital and Well Done to all Active Bugs team members who have contributed so much to ensure the success of this challenging program.