Khazanah CoSec Team Empowerment

Khazanah Secretarial Division Team Building

We had the privilege to conduct a One day team building for the Secretarial division of Khazanah Nasional Berhad, who is the sovereign wealth fund of the Government of Malaysia.

When there is resistance to cultural change and morale is low due to work and economic challenges, this team came around to unlearn and re-learn. To be engage with one other and focus on the bigger picture. Together moving the “wheel” of the organization forward. Kudos!!

Khazanah Sports and Recreational Club Amazing Race K.L

These highly competitive and energetic group of people took up the challenge to take their mental and physical level up another notch with our Amazing Race program. They not only explored part of Kuala Lumpur but learned quite a bit about themselves and their team mates. Well done KSRK!!