FPSO Dragon Boat Challenge 2018

FPSO Ventures sports club took up the Dragon Boat challenge once again after a 2-year layoff. This time round, competition was stiff between the Angry Birds and Thunder Cats Teams. The participants gave all the have but only the team with the best teamwork and synchronization wins.

AXA Malaysia Dragon Boat Engagement

AXA Malaysia regional team got together for a day of physical and mental endurance challenge. Where excellent strategies, effective planning and team motivation are required to become the Champion.  At the end of the program, they were truly engaged and bonded from the Dragon Boat challenge that we set up for them.

Eli Lilly Asia Pacific SSC Dragon Boat Team Building

Changing perception, stepping out of their comfort zone and working really hard as team to ensure a smooth journey to success were the valuable lessons learned by this team from Eli Lilly Asia-Pacific financial services. The Dragon Boat team building program brought out the “Dragon spirit” in them. Well done!!